A Haunting…

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What is a haunting? Don’t restrict your theories to legends of monsters and ghouls, boogeymen underneath the bed. Some of the most frightening tales can also be the most realistic. On these pages are not your typical ghost stories, legends of angels and demons. These are the voices of wine glasses giggling behind the kitchen cabinet, tree roots slithering across the forest floor like snakes. These stories are about becoming prey to sexual predators, suffering from eating disorders. This is religious fanaticism, racism, infidelity, paranoia.

This is a haunting…

“A Haunting” Contributors: Mitchell Grabois, Anna Ivey, Emma Banks, Hannah Highfield, Ian C. Williams, Gerard Sarnat, Amanda Bess Allen, Ira Joel Haber, Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger, Jim Bartruff, Emily Waryck, W. Jack Savage, Roopa Dudley, Liz Breazeale, Yuan Changming, Nelson Stanley, Joanna Rosenberg, Sea Sharp, William Doreski, Malcolm Friend, June Calender, Christine Degenaars, Cynthia Gallaher, Nina Kossman, Samuel Patchin, Karen Vande Bossche, Jason Bertucci, Kristi Petersen Schoonover