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Welcome to our fall preview! The pieces published in this themed issue represent everything we wish we could see on TV today. Imagine glorifying football greats whilst eating deep fried mac and cheese, playing “survivor” on Mars, or watching sharks face racial prejudice, and that’s just the beginning. Buckle your seatbelts for an insane ride, and let “Pilot” nosedive this plane right into your television screens!

“Pilot” Contributors: Ann Stewart McBee, William C. Crawford, Matthew Harrison, Dimithry Victor, Sonya Plenefisch, Tim Kahl, T.R. North, Emily Story, Roopa Dudley, Tim Staley, Richard Vyse, Alisha Mughal, Kate LaDew, D.S. West, Lucas Shepherd, Carl Boon, William Morris, Doug Van Hooser, Ryan Francis Kelly, Nels Hanson, Sean Bedell, Atticus Benight, Elijah Simon