Ice fishing in the English tropics

By Jonathan Jones

The grass shivers with a progeny of apple seeds.
Behind the moon the distant
sound of a buzz saw

as the hands lose circulation.

Arranged, aligned
half spear, half hook.

a few
blank tapes survive in cellophane.
No awkward silences.

This mighty Imperium.

A small town out
of town. In a manner
of speaking one

has few associates. The statistics
are images, black below zero.



Jonathan Jones’ main influences are F. Scott Fitzgerald, Raymond Chandler, Saki, and Yann Martel. He teaches writing composition at John Cabot University in Rome. He has had several pieces of his work published in The New Writer, Poetry Monthly, Iota, East Jasmine Review, The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, Negative Capability Press, Dirty Chai, Cordite Poetry Review, The Manifest Station, The TransNational, and Dream Catcher.