Lady Rose

By Sandeep Kumar Mishra  


Sandeep Kumar Mishra is an outsider artist, an infrequent writer, and a lecturer in English with a Masters in English Literature and Political Science. He has edited a collection of poems by various poets, Pearls (2002), and written a professional guide book, How to be (2016). His work has been published or is upcoming in New England Review, Blue Mountain Review, International Times, Literary Yard, Ripen the Page, Poetry Nook, Forever Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Anaphora Literary Press, Priestess and Hierophant, Red Fez, Literary Orphans, and Rashtradoot, among others. His first art exhibition was in National Club Art gallery, Sujangarh, Rajasthan, India, January 1 – January 3, 1994, and his latest art exhibition was by Visart, Shelter Group Brightview, Concourse Gallery, in Rockville, Maryland, September 7 – September 18, 2016. To view more from Sandeep, visit