2 Poems by Adam Webb

At the End of Rainy Season, I Walk Home Following the Chao Phraya River

It smells of growing flowers.

Moonlight gusts above coconut trees,
girls wai,
banana leaves sing.

The happy muscles of my legs reach the road
near the river.

Experiencing Razliubit in Ayutthaya

Grey elephants mounted by foreigners
wade slowly
while the old red bricks of a prang
crumble over.

The reclining Buddha covered
by orange silk.

As the sun sinks, a bead of sweat slides down my glass
of Leo beer.
I dream while leaning over a plate of basil fried pork:

Snow white stuccos on an ancient chedi filled with relics
tell stories: demons and enlightenment.

The woman I’m with looks, then begins to speak.
I feel void.

Adam Webb is a poet, translator, and ESL teacher from Northwest Indiana. He reads Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and One Hundred Years of Solitude at least once a year and dreams of walking El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, looking at Mount Everest, and achieving erudition. His work has also appeared in ArLiJo.com Issue #96.