By Kemuel DeMoville

This afternoon I thought of sunflowers,
wild, waving in the wind.
I thought of sunsets which make the ocean glass.
I thought of parkinglots, shining,
wet with rain in the streetlights.
Parkinglot after parkinglot after parkinglot
like a rolodex of desire;
memories of moaning in moonlight.
Our windows were permanently fogged.
The first time I kissed you I loved you.
I was lost, my best laid plans
were wiped off the map.
We are electric body and soul;
when I lay my hands on your naked back
the lights get brighter.
I am five years old, staring at the sun.
This afternoon I thought of you:
naked and sweaty
freshly showered and still wet
rushing out the door to work
smiling at my cooking.
Laying naked on your mattress
your body glows silver in the midnight moonlight.
In my memory immutable
in my mind immaculate.
You roll over and smile.
I squint my eyes as you touch me
and the world turns to white light
and I taste your lips
and I feel you
against me
above me
below me
surround me
and then I’m inside.
Sunflowers explode in the darkness
as we roll on your mattress raft
rock on the waves. We make love
on a river of hot glass as the
world dissolves into steam and smoke.
I reach out my hands and
pull you against me.
And it’s daylight. Sunlight
and a chorus of deep breaths
and my mind screams:
I’m in love.
This afternoon I thought of sunflowers,
wild, waving in the wind.
This afternoon I thought of you.

Kemuel DeMoville is an award-winning playwright whose work has been produced internationally every year since 2005. Recently his work was performed at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles and was the recipient of both the Residents Prize for Playwriting and the Hawaii Prize for Playwriting from Kumu Kahua Theatre. He is also the recipient of the 2017 Milken Prize for playwriting. Kemuel DeMoville is an Aurand Harris Fellow by designation of the Children’s Theatre Foundation of America. He has an MFA in playwriting from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and his MA in syncretic theatre is from Victoria University of Wellington in Aotearoa, New Zealand. His work has been published by Spider Magazine, YouthPLAYS, Heuer Publishing, and is included in 222 MORE Comedy Monologues, an anthology from Smith and Kraus Publishers.