Banking on the Race

By Howard Winn

It is time again for the August
marathon to honor the Olympian,
daughter of Maine, and the
Canadian Bank that has crept
over the border to unearth
American bank accounts and
contribute to the African
economy of the usual winners.
Villages in Kenya, Ghana,
Ethiopia, sometimes Somalia
which can provide an occasional
veiled observer of the African
fiscal triumph celebrate
the money flowing into village life.
The local churches also
have climbed aboard the
marathon’s bandwagon,
offering high carb pasta
dinners the night before
at ten dollars a pop,
five for the kiddies who
may wish to suck up some
spaghetti, gluten and gluten-free
with mom and dad from
the high-end homes of Shore Road
where beach chairs will be perched
on perfectly groomed front lawns
where perfectly groomed
men and maids will urge the runners,
who sweat and wobble,
down the last few miles to
the TD Banks final finish line
and the portable bleachers
in the perfect park groomed
by garden club volunteers
who wish to offer for the
television crews the picture
perfect view of Cape Elizabeth
where water view mansions
sell at millions from the Sotheby lists,
domiciles that the African families
will never inhabit even though
they birth the ultimate winners.
Of course, the local, national, and
international publicity is worth it all,
not to forget the preening opportunity
of our very own Olympian.


“Nairobi” by Xiaojun Deng

Howard Winn’s fiction and poetry, has been published in various journals including Dalhousie Review, Taj Mahal Review (India), Galway Review (Ireland), Antigonish Review, Southern Humanities Review ,Chaffin Review, Thin Air Literary Journal, and Futures Trading Literary Journal. He received his B. A. is from Vassar College. He has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Stanford University. He has done additional graduate work at the University of California San Francisco, and his doctoral work was done at NYU. He was once a social worker in California and currently serves as Emeritus Professor of English at SUNY.