Calavera for the Tea Party by Sarah Frances Moran

They were so hopeful
They had powerful rallies
They had every poor Southern Redneck
And even a portion of brain dead minorities
Cheering them on
They had them fooled

Then Texas went blue
This wave of azure swept over the nation
And they all cowered from the brightness

We realized…
That turning out to vote
Was all that was needed to turn them to dust

They died there
Faces frozen in surprise and fear
Like they realized God is indeed a man

But one that likes wearing dresses…


Sarah Frances Moran began writing in the 9th grade. Writing for her came out of a desire to help others and has evolved into full blown insistence on changing the world. Her work is equal parts frustration, hope, anger, advocacy, and love. Her aim is to poetically fight for love and harness the type of tender violence needed to push love forward. At the heart of it, she’s a stick-a-love-poem-in-your-back-pocket kind of poet. She was recently chosen as the featured poet for the Waco Poet’s Society and The Word Gallery. She’s a huge advocate for animal welfare and works daily to combat pet overpopulation. Sarah resides in Waco, Texas with her partner and their menagerie of 4-legged critters.