By S.A. Gerber

Sipping coffee through
the early morning mist.
Sidewalks are lively—
Dogs are on leashes—
Kids going to school…
or the beach, hard to
tell from their attire.
A girl nibbles her croissant,
going through Variety.
She circles auditions,
setting herself up for
afternoon disappointment.
On the street, drivers honk
the horns of trendy road
cars without skipping a
breath on their cellphones.
The morning coffeephiles
come and go, all with:
The right sweat suits—
The right shoes—
The right haircuts—
The right aversion
of eye-contact—
The right amount of
The sun has begun to erupt…
I must take cover.


S.A. Gerber is a native of Los Angeles, CA, presently residing in Las Vegas, NV (soon to move back). His work has appeared in such diverse publications as Desert Voices Magazine, Subtopian Magazine, Talking Sidewalks, and The Blue Collar Review. His two (2) volumes of poetry, Under the Radar and Inventory, are both available on Barnes and Noble and