By David Walker

It starts with a cough,
It feels like
any other cough,
until it doesn’t. Until
organs become like
undercooked hardboiled
eggs. Then it starts distancing
you. The whirr of a zipper
being pulled – the teeth
interlocking on your tent
sound like nails against wood,
the voices outside sound like
dirt falling overhead.
Eventually your family
is affected. They are transported
and corralled, their lives
become math;

And finally
you are alone with the thought
that you just wanted to make
a difference and the sensation
of swallowing pennies.

"Epidemia de Pánico (Panic Epidemy)" by Eneas De Troya

“Epidemia de Pánico (Panic Epidemy)” by Eneas De Troya

David Walker writes poetry and teaches. He has been published in a few literary magazine and has a chapbook, Pause: A Collection of Moment Poems (Finishing Line Press). Due to his extremely common name, be incredibly specific with your web searches to find updates on him.