By Beau Boudreaux

Gulf waves wash green, golden

she angles away
a despondent shuffle along the strand,

bum lip of August
and no attention much less care

the occupation by teens unleashes
Nereids with lime daiquiris

baby-oil tans, cans in cuzzis
Hip-Hop and Buffett…

their end, his calm nap
disturbed behind designer glasses

the lazy jab of sunlight
freckles easy

her porcelain skin
like clear evening stars above the beach

little holds the knots—her chartreuse spaghetti
straps—the temperature, grate of teeth

a sandal swept out in the surf.

Beau Boudreaux’s second book collection of poetry, RAPUNZEL’S BRAID, was published in 2016 by Five Oaks Press. His first book of poetry, RUNNING RED, RUNNING REDDER, was published in 2012 by Cherry Grove Collections. He has published poetry in journals, including Antioch Review and Cream City Review, and also in anthologies such as The Southern Poetry Anthology. He teaches at Tulane University and lives in New Orleans.