Escape by Nancy Smahl-Syrop

Did the ant
think that she too
needed an escape route?
Watching her circle
the ceiling of the tent
clawed feet clinging
upside-down traveling under
the domed
roof balancing over pole
protrusions. Loosing
her grip falling to
the tent floor antennae
smelling for damp
soil the yellow nylon
fabric foreign
to her touch.
Did she sense danger?
The air dense
body heat and breath
shaking the
tent walls almost dislodging
her while cries
of surrender siren.
Junipers shading
her black silhouette
losing then finding her
next to the tent seam
her petiole squeezing through
a tiny rip, her abdomen following
just barely making it
to the other side.


Nancy S. Syrop Self Portrait-Sediments
Nancy Smahl-Syrop has been taking poetry workshops at the Hudson Valley Writers Center in Sleepy Hollow, NY. She works as an Occupational Therapist and lives with her husband and apricot poodle in Westchester County, NY. Sediments Literary-Arts Journal is Nancy’s first publication.