I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke

By Joseph Reich

I think if i was one
of those dudes
who landed
on the face
of the moon
no way in the
world i would
have planted
an american flag
but planted my ass
and kissed the ground
like a proud and dramatic
charlton heston (planet of
the apes ten commandments
you pick it…) then get up
and do a mad psychotic
vaudeville song & dance
in top hat & tails as it’s
got so much more to do
with that than having
anything to do with
some idiot schmuck
competitive and
commercial race
to the moon
all sponsored
by tang and
crazy glue.

They’re always talking about
discovering some original
source of life like water
well how about just
some stray owl
sitting on top
some barren
broken branch
looking off to
the stars and
solar system
going who?
who? who?


Joseph Reich has been published in a wide variety of eclectic literary journals, both in the US and abroad. He has been nominated four times for The Pushcart Prize. His most recent books include, A Different Sort Of Distance (Skive Magazine Press), If I Told You To Jump Off The Brooklyn Bridge (Flutter Press), Pain Diary: Working Methadone & The Life & Times Of The Man Sawed In Half (Brick Road Poetry Press) Drugstore Sushi (Thunderclap Press), The Derivation Of Cowboys & Indians (Fomite Press), The Housing Market: a comfortable place to jump off the end of the world (Fomite Press), The Hole That Runs Through Utopia (Fomite Press), and Taking The Fifth And Running With It: a psychological guide for the hard of hearing and blind (Broadstone Books).