Influxes Can Bemoan

By Frank Geurrandeno

Pleasantries will dance
to chapped skies with broken banks.

The auras call me.

Shards paper thin, blue
artificial claptraps,eyes
as guilty as I

plucking technical
notations from still framings,
art does not conjure
wrinkled button-ups
desperate to be noticed
in musty closets.


Frank Geurrandeno is a Roanoke College undergraduate studying Creative Writing, and a columnist for The Brackety-Ack newspaper. His short story, “The Interlock,” was published in The Rusty Nail, and his short story, “The Robin’s Birth” was published in Dark Matter Journal.  His poetry has appeared in The East Jasmine Review, Haiku Journal, and 50 Haikus. Frank is also featured in the anthology Voices from Smith Mountain Lake. During his breaks from college, Frank resides at his sister’s lake-house in Wirtz, Virginia where he experiments with his writing.  Follow him on Twitter: @RC_FrankG.