Metal Rain

By Efe Ogufere

“Planes are more than birds, and bombs are more than rain,”

They say when it rains it pours but not here
There are no birds in the sky lately
When it rains, fire seedlings sprout from the earth
Stalks have become shrubs,
Who will harvest the children under the rubble?
Bloated and blackened bodies holding the foundations-
In place, as religion resonates in shell shaken walls

We are the monsters
Hidden in our children’s closets
Keeping them wide awake
Until they are old enough-
To haunt their own children

Efe Ogufere is a banker working in Nigeria with a passion for written and spoken word poetry. He was shortlisted for RL Poetry Awards 2016 (International Category). A few of his poems have been published on the Kalahari Review, Artrubic, AfricanWriter, Pulse Nigeria, and African Mbiu amongst others. His influences are drawn from music of all genres with favourite poets being Warshan Shire, Tsitsi Jaja, Tj Dema, Titilope Sonuga, and a few other contemporary poets. Follow his blog,, or follow him on Twitter @theaventurine.