Moment Series – Knit Together 2 | Moment Series – Blossom & Time 4P

By Melanie Faith

Melanie Faith is an English professor, a tutor at a college-preparatory school, and a freelance writing consultant. Her photography is forthcoming from Fourth and Sycamore. Her historical poetry collection, This Passing Fever, was published by FutureCycle Press (fall 2017), and a craft book about writing flash fiction and nonfiction will be published by Vine Leaves Press in spring 2018. She is a 2017 winner of the Brain Mill Press Driftless Unsolicited Cover Art Contest. She enjoys collecting quotes, books, and shoes and spending time with her darling nieces. The ‘Moment Series’ includes juxtaposed imagery that is symbolic of both time’s passage and the timelessness of various natural motifs and everyday extraordinary personal objects– from ticket stubs to knitting yarn. For more about her writing and photography, check out: