Phone Lines

By Alex Vigue

I feel like we don’t talk anymore…
we’re so far apart
in touch
but only in the way that telephones are
in touch
odd phrase in touch
we say it to comfort others
and ourselves
promising to continue speaking
but why say touch?
is it our desire to feel?
to embrace?
we are in touch like powerlines
strung together by electric wires
holding us
holding us together
but we stand alone
painted up with tar
fighting the trees
roosts for birds
I want a car to come by
and with an act of kindness
strike me!
So I will fall into you…
in touch
to whisper secrets into your knots
and lay long loving words at your feet.


Alex Vigue earned his bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Western Washington University. There, he studied under some amazing writers, including Oliver de la Paz, Bruce Beasley, and Kelly Magee. He has had work published in Hermeneutic Chaos, Jeopardy Magazine, and Pins and Needles. He has a birthmark on his right butt cheek, but it isn’t shaped like anything. His Twitter handle is @kingwithnoname.