By Roger Sippl

A soft plane I lie on naked
covered over with cloth your warm love.
Hair, your body, light scratching cutting
against my thigh
so strong you use me.

When you leave our spot I watch, you move.
Dressing, adorned, full breast, thin cotton blouse, now
nipples hard from the morning breeze
through our tent, through your blouse,
you put on jeans, pick up a brush and your
long tousled hair swirls to your casual beauty
and I know now
why your mirror sighs heated breath.

Roger Sippl studied creative writing at UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, and Stanford Continuing Studies. He has been published in the Ocean State Review, Open Thought Vortex, and others. He has written his first novel, which is in revision. Sippl is probably best known for being a software industry pioneer, having founded or co-founded several companies, including Informix, Vantive, and Visigenic Software. Also, while a student at UC Berkeley, 46 years ago, Sippl was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which was treated aggressively with 13 months of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, allowing him to live relapse-free to this day.