Technological Advances

By Rachel Essaff Maher

Facebook friends smuggle
dirty words into instant messages
they would never say out loud
in the Real World,
to their husbands or wives,
but can say, are allowed to type
because social media
is the right place for love—
even Frost would have sent
scintillating syntax over wifi
and illicit Instagrams through the touch
screen haze of iPhone fucking
and “what are you wearing?”
with the cursor blinking, “I, I, I”
like a lover with a stutter,
whose only constant is his ability
to type and jerk off simultaneously
while college girls fall in love
and summer seems a bit too long
for the wives they have replaced.

Rachel Essaff Maher lives in Southern Vermont, where she writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Her work has previously appeared in The Pitkin Review, Spires, The Hersam-Acorn Seasonal Guides, and The Vermont Money Saver.