Threads III | Together I

By Susan Stamm Evans

Artist’s Statement: I have an ongoing fascination with fragmenting faces, paring them down. I choose to omit the eyes, those “windows to the soul.” Without eyes, the face is less personal, more universal. We all seem to have an attraction to partial faces: eyes hidden behind sunglasses or shadowed under a hat. There is intrigue in a face with no eyes. Information is withheld, and there is an engaging mystery in that.

In my THREAD series, I created visages with imprecise definition. These works continue my exploration of abstracted faces as representations of our universal similarities. My inspiration originated with the notion of common threads—threads of events, people, or thoughts that interweave to make us who we are…

Susan Stamm Evans is a third generation New Mexican, born and reared in Albuquerque. It was while doing her undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico that she fell in love with sculpting in clay. After she received her BA in 1975, she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for her graduate work, receiving her MA in ceramic sculpture in 1978. Her first solo exhibition was immediately after graduate school. At the time, she became well known for her small, 7” to 10”, delicate porcelains of women in unassuming, yet emotionally charged, poses. The work then, as now, was quiet and introspective.