Tom’s Tap

By Doug Van Hooser

The old days
before prohibition
of tobacco
the smoke hung
like a perfume smog
on a two name woman
Donna Lynn’s thigh
thicker than the stool
that her buttocks swallow
Brandy old fashioned
with two cherries
must be a memory
of something she would tell
if you smile and say hi
Regulars surround the bar
a posse around a campfire
their weapons shots of
whiskey and bottles of beer
Heroes of green and gold
adorn the walls going
back to the Lombardi Age
A tectonic period
for the universal religion

Praise be to Green Bay
Beer bottles clank
a genuflection to cleated lords

But all the worshipers
bow to the chosen one
the waitress
whose control of the line
of scrimmage shames
Starr Favre and Rodgers
while she remains
a vestal virgin
to those unordained
to the workings
of this place
The Church of the Deep Fried
Mac and Cheese


Doug Van Hooser lives and writes in southern Wisconsin and Chicago where he is a network playwright at Chicago Dramatists Theatre. His short fiction recently was published in The Riding Light Review. His poetry has appeared in The Black Fox Literary Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, The Tower Journal, Stoneboat Literary Journal among other publications.