Sequence | Impulse | Promise

By Dick Evans

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Artist’s Statement: I seldom begin a painting with any particular image in mind. I often start by simply loading a brush with a color of paint that appeals to me at that time and making a stroke on the canvas or panel surface. As I react to the form of that stroke, the way it divides the canvas, the weight of the stroke, the emotional impact, I lay down the next stroke, either in the same color or in a different color. The entire painting evolves in that manner, in a series of reactions to the previous collection of actions. Throughout that process, the visual and emotional elements that I have collected during my lifetime of observation, as well as, I suspect, elements that are in the genetic evolution of the human species, all play a part in determining each new step. Ultimately my paintings are simply explorations, interpretations, and expressions of the world around me and within me.

Dick Evans was born in New Mexico. Having grown up in a rural farming community, he had no exposure to art until he started college. Fortunately, he was required to take drawing and design courses as he started his major of architecture. He soon realized architecture was not right for him, but that he loved ART! As he progressed through an advertising art program, he realized he was more interested in the Fine Arts and transferred to a rich art program at the University of Utah, where he obtained a BFA in Drawing and Painting and went on to obtain an MFA in Ceramics and Sculpture.